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Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques    ~ Simple ~ Dynamic plus Creative ~

lead you out of

  • to GROW and GROW you into A GENIUS 
  • without any resistance - stress - doubt or anxiety 
  • Get QUICK ANSWERS to ANYTHING you want 
  • plus the Power to take Action Answers without Action is utterly USELESS 

Dramatic improvement over your Brain Power


* Honest Effort *
* A little of TIME *
* An Open Mind *

 "Everything should be made simple as possible, but not one bit simpler" ~ Albert Einstein

Just WITHIN 30 days or less , you find your unwavering Focus, deep actionable belief , enhanced faith and widening creativity which was never a part of your life before.

Simple Mind POWER techniques, a mind tool which is easy to learn and pickup, when use your find profound results from your actionable steps.

Now you have the POWER to bring your desires, your goals and to have your achievements beyond your normal effort.

Question: Do you want to be ALWAYS in Control , ALWAYS Calm and ALWAYS Confident?

Obviously YES!
With these positive attributes, you can ONLY then
TAKE ACTIONS on NEW opportunities without doubt or fear and
deeply knowing within you that these OPPORTUNITIES will bring you
Wealth, Abundance, Joy , Happiness, Radiant Health and

Developing Your Mind Power will find your answers for ALL your problems in FINANCIAL, HEALTH and RELATIONSHIP ?

Just practicing simple effortless, easy Simple Mind POWER  techniques that will erase all your confusion and lead you to your answers which is just within you.
Benefits of having Simple Mind Power Techniques

 Mind Power Techniques  Stay POSITIVE when faced with financial problems or health problems to let your subconscious mind find you the solutions and answers you need.
 Mind Power Techniques Live with passion and enthusiasm. The POWER to CREATE new events as your subconscious mind will bring out the knowledge from your inner knowing with ways beyond your comprehension.
 Mind Power Techniques Keeping your LEFT BRAIN quiet to cut out all the "NO"s, you are confident of the"Perfect Solution" to your problem as you will definitely feel it in your GUTS that you are moving in the RIGHT direction. No fears or doubts but bathed in passion and excitement, you are NOW unstoppable moving towards your goals.
 Mind Power Techniques  Law of Attraction expands day by day. Your endless strings of successes confirmed that you have fallen in the path of Source of Abundance. You have tuned in and become a "Goal Attraction Magnet" by way of thoughts !
 Mind Power Techniques Your BELIEF in yourself and your CREATOR strengthens day by day. This put you in an "I CAN" mind set to unlimit your potential within you with the power of the subconscious mind
 Mind Power Techniques  You will know how to keep your LEFT brain out of your decision making. The Organized Left Brain will keep on analyzing, measuring and judging your thoughts that will paralyze you from taking action. You have the POWER to work with your HEART (that tells you what is right for you) and not your MIND. (that uses the past experience to halt your progress in your future)
 Mind Power Techniques Doubt, fear and indecision ruin your life, you become powerless and lethargic. Now is time to kill any doubt and fear the minute they catch up with you.
 Mind Power Techniques You have the POWER OF CHOICE to keep on maintaining your positive attitude. You can charge up your energy level with a positive mind set that boosts up your self confidence and self esteem level.
 Mind Power Techniques

Doing things differently from time to time helps you to overcome fear of massive changes in your life. Changes are great. It increases your comfort zone. The greater your comfort zone, the greater your opportunities zone.

Time to face massive ACTIONS without fear, panic and anxiety.

 Mind Power Techniques  Procrastination are brakes that halt you from taking actions. Deferment and avoidance are losers' attitude. A 2 second mind shift Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques to cross over your procrastination to put you into positive mode.
 Mind Power Techniques Depressing events can kill your beautiful day. Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques will maintain the upbeat energy for you... How GREAT !


Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques - Clear Your Inner Core Beliefs

Why is it important to clear your core belief???

Our previous beliefs are DREAM STOPPER!
Negative programming, skepticism and distrust closes your OPEN MIND. All these can be conscious and subconscious built up comes from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our brothers and sisters plus the media and the Government.

Closed mind closes all doors of opportunities.
You will failed to recognise your KEYS to Extreme Wealth even when it is practically dropped onto your lap.

Time to put all the dirt and rubbish, the BOX you locked yourself in that is creating fear and doubt away for you to move POSITIVELY ahead.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques puts you through an INTERNALIZATION program and inner purification program to allow you to RELEASE and LET GO all negative beliefs to create an open mind set in you. This is important to make sure you are ready to take massive ACTIONS beyond your norm when opportunity strikes. You will respond positively towards a new environment and changes in life in a stress free manner.

Within 15 days of mindfully practicing the Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques puts you in an unwavering faith and belief to GET THE THINGS YOU WANT just through focus and thoughts.

It does not take long....
You will have the power to weed out fear and doubt, remove indecisive habits to attract endless wealth, power, happiness, inner peace, love, health, abundance and prosperity.

Once you have the power to see changes in your inner world, you will have the power to change your outer world.

Using the Mind Power techniques. have improved my life. Instead of just accepting and being complacent, I have now raised by standards with better confidence and I enjoying do what I do. 

~ Jane Hansen ~


Always remember, The PROBLEM is on the outside and the SOLUTION is on the inside. Now let Simple Mind POWER  techniques help you to find the SOLUTIONS within you and your POWER OF ACTION to follow it through.


Magnificent Power Of a Man Seats In The Mind !

Clear Your Mind
the Rest will Follow!

From : K Amber

Dear Friend
It is time for you to be the Master In Control

My name is K Amber. I am so glad I am given the  opportunity to share with you the easiest Mind POWER techniques we have overlooked.  We search all over and some of us have yet to discover... The danger of being the SIMPLE, EASIEST and INSTANT RESULT DRIVEN TECHNIQUES is that we all know about it. Perhaps of its simplicity,  NOT many of us do put in our honest effort to practice them patiently to see the results they carry. That is why you are still searching till today.

Simple Mind POWER techniques, consistently practiced will keep polishing your focus / thoughts to mentally and physically aligned you towards your goal and desires.  With laser focus, when harmony meets between you and your goals you will have endless energy to bring your dreams to REALITY.

Short term goals even be attained within the next few hours.

Once you become a MASTER IN CONTROL, you will gain GREAT WONDERS -

  • a perfect loving relationship, 
  • good lifestyle and perfect health, g 
  • getting vibrant and younger, 
  • passionate and excited in your endeavors.. 
  • you can live your life to the fullest. 

Either you are GROWING or you are DYING. 
Mental growth is very important to sustain your life in many ways. With  Simple Mind POWER techniques, you will be CONSTANTLY and GRACEFULLY being transformed into higher positive levels from time to time without even you being aware of it .

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques are instantly measurable, effective techniques ....

  • alter your state of mind, 
  • break your focus to stop you from dwelling in a prolong negative state that brings out all the bad spirits such as stress, anger, indecision, depression, anxiety and anguish. 

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques will take you to waves and waves of enjoyable brilliant lifestyle you never ever dream you could have. You could never be static again as you will be continuously showered with all sorts of creative imagination that you have the power to put them into action.

Within seconds, minutes, you could be capturing small MANAGED success to prove to you and let you measure that these techniques do work.

What is MANAGED success?  Managed success are series of events you ask for and you will achieved ...

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques can significantly teach you how to "THINK OUT OF THE BOX" which no other methods teaches you.

"THINK OUT OF THE BOX" means putting on your creative mind to think above the norm and find a solution, others cannot think of. Once you are able to do this consistently, you will be well received and you cannot avoid your road to success.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques are always directed towards polishing your RIGHT brain - the creative brain to bring out your hidden potential.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques will also put in the Alpha mode constantly and instantly. Why is this important?
At Alpha level, you will remain cool, calm, focus and compose to act using your subconscious mind.

You get this power within weeks of practice and I assure you do not need to meditate like ZEN monk to achieve this enlightenment. Just use Simple Mind POWER techniques, you will continue living in a climate of peace, joy and harmony.


Mind Power secrets have taught me on how to increase my brain power. I became more creative doing things out of my comfort zone. Great Secrets.

~ Robert S.Muller ~

Empowering Ways to Change Your Life Forever!

Man attracts what he is. The work of the "Law Of Attraction". To have the ability to be successful in all, we must have the power to "DREAM BIG DREAMS". Only big dreams have the power to move our souls!

Simple Mind POWER  techniques will power up your creative mind to bring out the courage and confidence in you to make BIG DREAMS.

Thinking BIG requires ...

  • massive actions and 
  • changes in your life to create your BIG thoughts physically in the REAL world. 

You can have the power to cut procrastination, doubt and anxiety and engaged in life changing events to completely do something out of your ordinary mundane chore - just to meet your desire!

What follows in your mind will follow you in your actions.

All your action plans are powered with speed of desire to realize your dreams that have become consuming and obsessive to make you want to change and build.

Remember CHANGES build progressive GROWTH in your life.


Transform Your Life

A man's mind is liken to a garden. Your job is to keep your garden clear of weeds and grow them with different beautiful colored flowers. Beautiful thoughts will only attract beautiful desires.  Worries attracts anxieties.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques with the power on how to eliminate your stress level, your doubts, your fear, your worries and constantly keeping your focus laser sharp. You will open your door to prosperity, opulence, riches, contentment and happiness.

Problems, worries are the huge attachments of the past that bound us from shaping our future. I am sure most of us live on the fearful past experiences that stop us from looking positively.

With small efforts, you can specifically 'weed out' the problem that is troubling you for you to gain the strength to stay DETACHED.

Physical technique such as using a Balloon to cut your cord of attachment,  releases you from your past bad experiences that is holding you from moving forward. Once or twice doing this technique cuts of the pain or stress on the painful event. With that, you can stay absolutely detached by having the POWER TO ACCEPT and LETTING GO.

This is very important as staying detached prevents you from feeding further energy into these bad experiences that can breed into stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Sign up to find out more how this technique work. 

Mind POWER techniques even covers releasing your stress in AREA BEYOND your control. Stress can be a ripple effect due to traffic jam, long queues, expensive hike in food, oil prices and expected pressure and anger from peers or family members. How can you feel calm over such stressful issues and continue nourish your confidence and self belief?

Find out more in Simple Mind POWER techniques.

The past is over, the future has yet to come, NOW, this present moment is the time that gives you the POWER to mold and create your future.


Still Your Mind and Keep the Chatter Out

Briefly, there are 4 levels of CONSCIOUSNESS, your degree of awareness that is projected by your brain wave patterns.

BETA level (14 Hz - 30 Hz) is the state of normal wakeful consciousness. You are wide awake, working, driving, talking and analyzing. Higher Beta activity is associated with anxiety, panic and lack of physical and mental control. Your emotion is breaking out at STRESS peaks.

ALPHA level (9 Hz - 13 Hz) subconscious level plus in a state of light relaxation. Typified by a calm, focused mind. Dream plus creative state and your first level of suggestibility - "super learning state" as the brain seems to be more receptive and open to new information.

THETA level (4 Hz - 8 Hz) deeper subconscious level. Deep state of relaxation and a more powerful level of suggestibility.

DELTA level (1 Hz - 3 Hz) deep sleep level. This is the level of total recall at a non level of resistance. This is the slowest of the brainwaves patterns.

Your state of mind is directly determined by your brain waves patterns.

Our common mind runs at Beta level where you have a million things to think about. At this wave length, you cannot diffuse your stress level neither can you challenge your fears and face your doubts. Now how to keep the chatter out ?

It is very important to keep your mind calm and quiet. A quiet mind is where your brainwaves pattern stays at ALPHA level. At this state, your mind is open to learning. Learning at this state does not require much analysis that involves at your physical state.

You just allow your subconscious mind and your inner guidance take over your physical performance. When you taking action, you just dare to move in the direction as you know exactly that's what you want.

How do you keep yourself in this powerful state?

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques will keep you at ALPHA level for you to achieve this optimum performance. It is very important to stay at ALPHA state and have your heart beat stays at 60 beats per minute plus your brain waves pattern at 9 - 13 Hz, as there is no confusion when you are in action. You will know where to go, what to say, what to do and how to do it.


I did not know the power of my subconscious mind until I started to keep polishing my Right Brain. The easy effective Mind Power techniques allows me to think a lot wider and deeper and the solutions to my problem is simply amazing. I am shocked and overwhelmed with the results I get.

~ Niel Fallon~

Strengthen Your Creative Imagination
Scrub and Polish Your RIGHT Brain RED FIERY HOT

LEFT Brain is your normal operating Brain. It is PROBLEM focused - it is analytical, facts finding, cannot be done and too difficult. "Paralysis by ANALYSIS"

RIGHT Brain is your CREATIVE Brain. It is SOLUTION focused - spontaneous and always seeking for solution, the "I CAN" mind set and see beyond facts. A well polish Right Brain help you to take action using your gut feelings.

Your Creative power can now set loose. Being creative allows you to stretch your mental and physical ability to take you to the shortcut route to success. Once you are there, you love and enjoy doing what you are doing as this ideas are guided by your innerself and not forced unto you.

Thomas Edison, enthusiastically and tirelessly keep repeating the test of the light bulbs for more 1000 times until he achieved his goals.
What is keeping him from bouncing back from repeated failure?
The creative desire in him plus his burning obsession and passion to succeed.

Question : How do we keep polishing our RIGHT brain to become spontaneous, creative, courageous to try new things without fear and doubt?

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques uses 4 basic simple and easy to use ways to power up your RIGHT brain. The 4 ways are Colors, Music, Movement and Doing things differently.

These 4 simple techniques can be that powerful to control and force your LEFT brain to "SHUT UP" and let your RIGHT brain to shape your day. You can then determine what kind of day you plan to have and become the master of situation instead of letting events control your life.

How and why these 4 simple basic tips can create a huge difference in your life. Sign Up Now! For Simple Mind POWER  techniques.. 


Be Happy where ever you are
...no matter what type of environment you are in.

Pursuit of happiness is extremely important. Unhappy people often struggle every path with effort and difficulties. Their Law of Attraction takes longer or never seems to work.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques teaches you simple ways to force HAPPINESS in your life. Once you turn this techniques into your habits, you will be happy wherever you are and peace thereafter follows. Your life is changing for the better and you look at every day with confident, excitement, hope and joy.

You will find that the world was made for us and not we made for the world!


Your Success should be ROUTINE and MANAGED

2 forms of success .....

  • ROUTINE success. 

RANDOM success are Lucky strikes. ROUTINE success are managed success that happened exactly the way you want it.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques uses the Law of Psycho Cybernetics to steer the mind to organize to achieve the task and find you the Perfect solution for you to TAKE ACTION.

Working with this Law of Psycho Cybernetics, you get to manage your success (ROUTINE success) gracefully and effortlessly and walking (taking action) enjoyably through the process to complete the task. Now, you have the technique to strike at SUCCESSes every time. The greatest result of all is that you are in CHARGE of your life, instead of letting life and its circumstances control you.


Your 'Winners' Attitude' puts in a RICH world

Rich People think BIG. Your positive mental attitude places you in a successful climate wherever you are and in what you are doing. There are no doubts, "I Can't" attitude, "It's too difficult", "Impossible!".

Your attitude and confidence, from the very beginning predetermines whether you win or lose the battle. When you are targeting your goals, it is very important to have constant imprint of a "Winners' Attitude" in your mind, otherwise you will not have enough fuel to perfect your goals.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques , 3 seconds formula banish and cuts off all negative vibes for you to become a constant Winner in any situation.

With the "Winners' attitude" you will think a certain way that bring you riches, confidence and enthusiasm. With this mental expression, there are no uncertainty, neither doubts, fear nor procrastination and you can create a climate where success grows quickly.

You will project a powerful personality that will attract people in the success climate to assist you in some uniform way to accomplish your goals.


Strengthen Your Belief
Clear Your Doubt Every Time It Springs

Constant nurturing process is necessary. Without a continual nurturing to 'weather the storm', your belief will waver and eventually turn into doubt. When we dwell on doubt, it will breed fear. Fear do not fertilize success.

How many of us felt motivated for ONLY 3 days after attending a motivational course or reading a motivational book? Honestly, we sizzle back to our very self after a while.

Motivation must be continuous to expel the daily unpredictable stress that happen from nowhere.

Question : does your current program provide you with a system to clean and empty your brain / mind out and reboot it to take in more without any clog up?

If not, with Simple Mind POWER instant techniques after turning them into a habit to MASTER these enemies as when they arises. Continuously self nurturing and self motivation are much needed to grow the "I CAN" mind set and plant an Unshakeable 100% belief in yourself with zero (0%) doubt, as tiny single percentage of doubt KILLS all opportunities.

You become more confident and your self esteem is enhanced. With a bigger full blown self confident and self esteem, you will be drawing a bigger circle of success influence into your life.


Just made more sales and sales with the exercise of the Mind Power Secrets. I just love doing the affirmation and visualization techniques. It is just no effort at all. I just stay calm and know what to say to close my sales.

~ Paul Stevan~

Strengthen Your Belief - Become a COPYCAT
Don't reinvent the wheel, be a MASTER of COPYCAT

Using a ROLE model is one of the method to strengthen your belief. Role Model are people who have achieved extraordinary success. They tested their path and eventually made it. They provide and imprint in you the "I Can" mind set. Role Model are mentors and motivators for us to achieve SHORTCUT successes.

Roger Banister, the first person ran a mile under 4 minutes where never been done before and thereafter 25 others broke the limit. What had change? The human body or the human belief?

Morris Goodman, the Miracle Man made a complete recovery through the POWER OF SELF BELIEF when the doctors said there was no hope. By putting the mind over matter, he defied all medical odds and pushed himself beyond all logical limits.

Most books disclosed the secrets of the most successful man but how many will teach us the detailed techniques on how to copy from them.

Within Simple Mind POWER techniques, there are many techniques you can use to copy your ROLE Model. You need to apply these techniques to break your limitations, you need to apply techniques to cut your fear and remove vibes of negative influence people, you need to constantly nurture a consistent and persistent positive mind set.

You need to apply not one but a series of techniques to copy from your ROLE MODEL to quantum leap your success.

Napoleon Hill said .....

'FAITH is the most powerful force on EARTH.
Faith is belief without proof'.
The POWER OF FAITH could move mountains.


 "SEE TO BELIEVE" to prove that you are resonating
with the Law of Attraction

Measuring success is very important for you to 'see to believe'. You need to confirm that these techniques are working to make sure you are finally aligned to the Law Of Attraction.

Working with ROUTINE success proves that you can manage your success and the accomplishment of these successes assures you that abundance do exists and increasing DAY BY DAY in your life.

Simple Mind POWER  journaling technique teaches you why you should be keeping a daily log and turning it into habitual practice. This helps you to register, plan and count your accomplishment of your Goals. This register instantly builds your CONFIDENCE once you can physically gauge your success rate.

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them or ever so seriously consider them as believable or achievable. 

Plant your belief with Simple Mind POWER techniques. 


TAKE ACTION using Your Gut Feelings to
Achieve Your Dreams

Positive changes and transformation can only take place with actions.
Intention without action is useless ~ Carolynn Myss.

Taking action can be the most fearful step. With our NORMAL brain, the left brain, we pause, analyze and make sure what we are doing RIGHT and meanwhile opportunities are quickly slipping by.

I sure these moments happened to all of you. You were thinking about any matter you need, it could be food, a trip or a dress which puts you in a situation to make a decision. At times, a hunch is so strong makes you just reach out and grab it without much thought.

How nice to take actions without much thought.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques do not allow you to make RASH decisions. Heedless and impulsive actions are made when you are desperate, confused and in a state of anxiety.

Here, we will be taking action using our RIGHT brain. All you need to pack these Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques into your daily routine, to get your RIGHT BRAIN .. red fiery hot and let your subconscious mind do the work.

Once you quiet up your left brain and then wait for your inner voice / GUT feelings / 6th sense to work up your hunches , instinct, ideas or tips to prompt you to take action. When that happens, within your inner core, you know you are guided.

No analysis is required nor fact finding nor understanding, just relax and go with the flow to seek for your answers. Let your inner guidance will tells you that you are RIGHT.

Sounds interesting, profound and deep. Yes it is. Simple Mind POWER techniques. Being simple is good. No learning curve as any one could do it.

Easy to practice and repeatedly used to show GREAT results.


A better life.  I felt good.  I am now calmer, less worry and anxiety. I  have more energy, better vitality and seems to be accomplishing more and more each day.  I just love myself more nowadays.

~ Rica Maughan~

Mastering Inner Peace, Tranquility Secret Success -
No need to be a ZEN MONK

Mastering Inner Peace can simplify many areas of your life.

When one spoke of INNER PEACE, you need to be religious, spiritual plus meditate for hours per day to get into a silent state - A ZEN MONK!    Or spend years in a jungle or cave to achieve that enlightenment.

However, that is not true. Inner Peace is achieved when you start to feel calmer within and discover an uncommon joy and freedom. Problems that seems insurmountable will seem to solve themselves in ways that you could never figure out by yourself.

Monk and his anger management

Story : A monk once spoke. He said he thought after meditating in the jungle for 16 years, he had achieved enlightenment. When he came back to the real world, some one challenged him in a talk and he found himself having difficulties in managing his emotions and anger.

The real world is constantly testing us with its endless series of changes, challenges and waves of problems and see how we can rise up above all to ride the waves over and over again in an unresistant manner. It is really up to us to seek tools and ways to get the rough patches smoothen over and over again.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques will keep your emotions constantly oscillating within the CALM band. This is a profound meditative state where others have taken many years to achieve and subsequently eroded with adverse happenings.

All you have to do is keep applying the suitable Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques to specific area of stress and align your focus back to a control mind set. Keep in mind these does not take ages to execute, ONLY one second or two.

Every time you apply any of the Simple Mind POWER techniques, you instantly feel much better.

Now, you have the power to cut out the unserving energies and you have a better positive insight, to challenge problems and face fear effortlessly.


Goal Setting Success

How to set and achieve successful goals is hold fast an idea, a project, a plan and will not let it go. Cherish and brood on it, tend and develop it and when assailed by difficulties, refuse to give up or surrender and increase the intensity of your purpose.

Sound easy or mouthful. How do you hold fast an idea? How do you cherish and brood on it? How not to give up when you are assailed by difficulties?

After applying all the inner purification, mind clearing techniques, you need a system to exact out your dreams into reality.

Goals are dreams that have yet to have realized. Many will sit down and plan, then stuff their papers away. Many of us set goals without understanding the ultimate value of it. Hence the goals can be misguided or not accomplished. Many motivational books display lists of principles and tips yet many of them do not teach us HOW to reach there.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques uses powerful affirmation and visualization techniques.   The next thing, you would say, "Hey I know it all! Plus it is FREE all over the internet!"

What makes Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques special and different from the others.

How many told you that affirmations and visualization magnified a THOUSAND fold when it is done at ALPHA level?

How many told you that you need to stroke your goals set for at least 30 days to align you to your inner core that realizing this goal is so important to your self esteem and self confidence towards your success?

You need CLEAR WORKABLE goals. By consistently stroking it, makes you connected to your ultimate desire. After the 30 days depending on the size of the goals, smaller goals can be accomplished even less than 30 days, you would have huge clarity over your target and no fear nor doubt can ever sip through.

If you have no desire in your goals, your visualizations and affirmations will turn weak and you will know that the target is not workable or meant for you.

Working on your goal setting at subconscious level is very POWERFUL. It builds up your faith, desire and strength to vacuum out doubt, fear and indecision.


Effective Affirmations Process With Serious Intent

Mindless affirmations do not work. Period.

Affirmations are positive statements declaring something already so - affirming that what you want to become, achieve or manifest as if it already exist. ONLY self talk via affirmations that have awareness, dedication and desire can make you unstoppable.

There are so many free affirmations listed on the web. All are built with good intent. How come, we do not enjoy repeating them overly after a couple of times? Too simplistic? Too general? Not directed to our intent? Too unbelievable?

Building an affirmation with serious intent stretches your ROOT of DESIRE and PASSION. With STRONG ROOTS, the TREE will bear good quality fruits.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques builds an affirmation using 7 steps that make it effective, functional and powerful. All affirmations built on these 7 steps are not vague nor fuzzy. Effective affirmations must come with an end result for you to realize the benefit in achieving the end result.

With that, you will continuously enjoy self talk on a consistent basis. After which you just let miracles work in your life towards your consistent affirmation which you have sent out to the Universe.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques comes with the programming track to make the affirmation repetition easily done at APLHA state.

Since Alpha is the relax state, all affirmations done here will charge up your subconscious mind to open the route for you to take complete your affirmation and your intention.


Creative Imagination Visualization Technique

Whatever the Mind can CONCEIVE, BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE. ~ Napoleon Hill

Once you can hold the picture or imagine your process consistently, you have the power to harmonize and shape your goals.

To visualize something is to make it visible in your mind and what you first see in your mind is what becomes real in your life. Believe it and you will see it.

Consistent and persistent repetitive visualization fuel up your obsession to put in an unstoppable mode to shape your thoughts into action.

Your become the MASTER and the LORD of your thoughts.

Simple Mind POWER uses the Video in your Mind technique, a powerful goal setting technique to build, enlarge and deepen your desires and passion. This Video in your Mind Technique is done at the Alpha state, the relaxation level for you to build your dreams.

You are able to visualize deeper at this level, as there are not laws, rules of judgment and no voices of dissent. All is left is you realizing your dreams powered with happiness, joy and endless positive emotions.

Now you can hold fast the idea consistently over a period of 30 days. Your thoughts easily shape into action by then.

Look out for the "still small voice" to take you there.


Master Changes and Increase Your Comfort Zone

LIFE Changes causes stress, uncertainty, anxiety, procrastination, doubts and fear.

However, life without changes, you will not experience growth and progress in your life.

Successful people are spontaneous and impetuous. They are the ones that keep breaking their limitations to develop new opportunities, new lifestyle, excitement and passion.

How do Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques help you to master changes? Most of the common weakness of human beings are the habit of leaving there mind open to the negative influence of other people and that have stopped them from getting out of their comfort zone.

Story : An Accountant approached me to ask whether should he take up a new job in Vietnam. I told him since he still young and unattached it could be a huge opportunity to him. He told me that his friends advised him not to, as Vietnam is a third world country, diseased prone, unorganized and other negative vibes. Now, how do one decide what is truly meant for you?

Your flexible attitude will help you to accept and master changes. You can keep breaking out of your limits every time without being feeling judged or fearful. Mastering Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques allows you to overcome the judgment of others and strengthen your self belief. Once you have that in you, the changes you faced no longer become challenges but become acceptable.

What other people feel or say does not matter to you , most importantly you feel GOOD and WONDERFUL with the NEW you!


Unleash the Awesome Power Of
Your Subconscious Mind / 6th Senses/ Intuition

INTUITION - Your Secret 'RADAR' Guidance System to success!

All of us have a 6th Sense, a certain something within us that is willing, ready and able to help us to obtain information, make choices and arrive at decisions without going through the steps of logical thinking. We can employ this little-used faculty to make us happier and more prosperous and bring us overwhelming success.

It is FREE energy to tap in without any cost !

Without reasoning process or rational thinking, you could obtain information which cannot be reached using your logical senses. You could be encouraged to make a choice which you may not even considered that turn out to be the most brilliant decision. You could be warn of any impending disaster and taking actions to avoid it.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques builds  a TEMPLE OF WISDOM within you unless you are willing to try these techniques with an open mind. There are no special talents required for this construction of your temple and you don't have to study philosophy, religion or science to develop your intuitive abilities.

Just give yourself permission to use your intuition, do not ignore your small inner voice within you. The powerful six sense can be used to make your business, relationships or career successful beyond your wildest dreams.

The rich and famous do it... Most of the well known people of all times such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill have used the intuitive abilities to help them in their everyday lives.

Anyone can do it.. as you keep practicing Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques , using your intuition will become a habit - almost a second nature. You will be amazed to see how much more productive, happy and peaceful you become.

How effective is Simple Mind POWER techniques?

Immediate Endless Benefits ... Your Wish List
Your Keys To Extreme Wealth

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 Developing Mind Power Effective Goal Setting Techniques Always Done At Alpha State To TRIPLE BOOST the Magnification Effects
 Developing Mind Power Instant Stress Relief Techniques to Keep You in the Calm Band Within the AREA Within and Beyond Your Control
 Developing Mind Power

You Get To Manage Your Success Every Time - Working With Law Of Psycho Cybernetics that You Get To Strike ROUTINE Success All The Time

 Developing Mind Power The Law Of Attraction Gets You EXACTLY What You Want By Thought. The Intense Improve Accelerated KEYS
 Developing Mind Power You Can Measure Your Success Rate of Abundance to Convince And Confirm You Are Resonating With The Law Of Abundance
 Developing Mind Power Strengthen Your Confidence With "I Can" Mind set, With An Unshakened Belief
 Developing Mind Power Effective Affirmation Techniques to Enhance Burning Passion to Make You Become Consuming and Obsessive To Achieve Your Desire
 Developing Mind Power Video In Your Mind - Visualization Techniques To Hold Your Dreams And Turn Them Into Reality. Walking In Reality is Easy and Effortless As You Have Done It Before ..Mentally
 Developing Mind Power Kill Your Doubts to Strengthen Your Belief. Doubt Breed Fear that Kill Your Dreams. Series Of Internalization and Inner Purification Techniques To Reboot Your Brain
 Developing Mind Power Taking RIGHT Actions Using Your Gut Feelings / Intuition. You Dare to Create and Ask For The Solutions You Want
 Developing Mind Power Happy - Feeling Blissful, Light and Living In The Moment. You Get To Enjoy Yourself Wherever You Are
 Developing Mind Power Protect Yourself From Negative Influence People To Overcome The Enemies That Is Holding You Back
 Developing Mind Power Steps To Copy Role Model To Quantum Leap Into Your Achievement - Short Route To Success
 Developing Mind Power Internalization Techniques For You Detach / Release / Let Go To Keep Your Mind Continuously Projecting Positive Thoughts ONLY
 Developing Mind Power Achieve INNER PEACE, Contentment and Tranquility - Relaxation By Thought. Achieving Powerful Meditative Practice Experienced By Monks Just In Weeks
 Developing Mind Power Enhance Your Creative Imagination Through Right Brain Dominance Inviting Confidence and Excitement In Your Life
 Developing Mind Power Improve Mind Power and Millionaire Mind set with "Winners' Attitude" Constant Winner In Every Situation
 Developing Mind Power Better Time Management with Enhanced Laser Focus. You Think Faster With The Solution On Hand, Complex Task Will Suddenly Appear Clearer and Easier.
 Developing Mind Power Repetition Of Thoughts Programming MADE EASY to Deepen Your Desire To Succeed
 Developing Mind Power Graceful Effortless Positive Transformation With Dramatic Increase In Your Self Confidence and Personal Power
 Developing Mind Power Improvement in Relationship In Touch With Inner Emotions, Confidence. Becomes more Sensual, Approachable and Loving
 Developing Mind Power Anger Management : Effective Techniques To Swing You Back Into Your Calm Band To Banish You From Taking Negative Un serving Actions
 Developing Mind Power Unleash Your Potential by Seeing Beyond Your Level Of Expectations With Focus, Creative Mind set, Full Of Energy and Enthusiasm
 Developing Mind Power Tireless and Boundless Energy To Keep You Going Towards Your End Results With Your Sharpened Quest
 Developing Mind Power End Your Procrastination With Switch Words Techniques To Program Your Mind To Take On New and Difficult Tasks As Easy, Agile And Spontaneous
 Developing Mind Power Opening Your Temple Of Wisdom - Inner Guidance From Your 6th Sense Gift ..Your "Infinite Intelligence"
 Developing Mind Power Constantly Working With The Law Of Universe, Your Creator To Bring You The Abundance You Deserve and Desire
 Developing Mind Power Embedded with The Power Of Gratitude For You To Receive More and More
 Developing Mind Power Quick Recovery of Illnesses With Power Of Self Belief ...Proven Series Penetrating Effortless Steps For You to Copy ...
 Developing Mind Power Working With Consistency and Persistency To Speed Up Your Manifestation
 Developing Mind Power Knowledge Is Power. Your Deepen Desire and Faith Will Lead To Endless Discovery Of Required Knowledge To Bring Your Dreams To You.


"Wealthy People Persist and Take Immediate Action!"

You have the POWER to create a change of climate in your life.
Have joy, peace and harmony grow in your Body Mind and Spirit!

"Even if could never fix what's wrong with your life,
what stops you from creating everything you want?"

The real GIFT to anyone is to live your life brilliantly at every moment.

I never been through such deep transformation until I found these Simple Mind POWER techniques. Problems will always exist and be a test of life. Now I find my answers faster. There is no stress neither anxiety as I can always perfect my end results from the very start.

You can brilliantly ask or throw out answers without much thinking bringing you to a much superior person than before. I enjoy every moment in focus, seeing, feeling, hearing and experiencing every details with treasure. I am so glad to be healthy and alive.


How long it takes to inbuilt this techniques and turn them into a habit??

What is HABIT? An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost voluntary.

Research say .. it takes 21 days of consistent practice to turn a practice into a habit.
We guide you with a 30 days technique to master your changes. Why 30 days, it exceed the normal 21 days to fortify your practice into the habit.

Make Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques as a habit pattern of your life from now onwards to think slightly differently and approach your dilemma from a different perspective.


Who can handle these Simple Mind POWER techniques?
Developing Mind PowerIt doesn't matter what age you are... It does not need much education to successfully use this methods.

Developing Mind PowerIt doesn’t matter if you are not into MEDITATION as long as you are willing to hear a guided voice to tell you what to do. REST ASSURED ! There are no subliminal programming in these tracks. You are ultimately in control.

Developing Mind PowerIt doesn’t matter if you don’t have time. All these mind power techniques are simple and very easy to use. Some takes even seconds to execute.

Developing Mind PowerIt doesn’t matter if you don’t like reading. The manual is very comprehensive, easily digestible and tagged with colorful pictures for you to absorb the details without much effort.

The success rate in whichever technique you use is phenomenal.  Simple Mind POWER are habitual techniques. They are simple, easy to use and effortless for you to master them.

What this eBook is not?

There not much explanation on psychology related terms, as these terms can be found else where on the net.

This eBook immediately directs you straight into techniques and why and how to apply them. It is a very comprehensive eBook without much lengthy reading but filled with jam pack enjoyable techniques guiding you through every steps.

Simple Mind POWER techniques are Keys to EXTREME Wealth to Your Freedom, Joy, Health and All Good things...

Some of these techniques are not new. You may have heard or read about them before. I want to repeat them on a consistent basis and not let the simplicity of each step fool you. I urge you to practice and use them. You find that changes will start occurring in your life - small and sometimes subtle changes at first then bigger ones will take place.


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   You no longer need to struggle with creativity
   You no longer need to live your life with stress and anxiety
   You no longer need to fill you mind with problems
  You no longer need to see money as the only solution in your life
  You no longer need to live your life trying to please others yet you don't feel good about it.
  You no longer live in the belief of the past to shape your future

 Claim your power NOW to draw the line
to move in the goodness direction which you deserve...


Don't you think that it is absolutely wonderful...

 Depressed    Joy
 Despise    Love
 Dislike    Enjoy
 Weakness    Strength


Mind POWER techniques  simple yet penetrating opens new window of opportunities to add new creation, excitement and passion in your life plus many more. Every part of your life will be in for ENDLESS CONTINUOUS transformation.


Mind power techniques

It’s Not Your Fault

I understand as there so many books/courses /techniques out there....
Developing Mind Power- some need equipment
Developing Mind Power- some need at least 1-2 hours
Developing Mind Power- some just tell you need that ..but no techniques follow through
Developing Mind Power- some just tell you need to do it ..but no reason
Developing Mind Power- some just need so much reading & reading and tedious application..
Developing Mind Power- some motivational programs make you hype up for a couple of days... and when stress sets in all positiveness are wiped out.

Trust me, I understand it’s easier to just bury your head in the sand and just say Forget It!” After all…

Pick up these Simple Mind POWER techniques  SIMPLE TO USE techniques to clear your mind and naturally let the REST to follow for you to float in the path of the Law of Attraction.

Believe everyone deserve it. And it is your right to claim it. 

"When you take care of the little things the big things will care of themselves"

Here is the tip to LAW OF ATTRACTION

Manifesting what you want by using
the power of mental visualization
requires clear understanding of
the way it all works

do remember that you must
Fuzzy incomplete and half hearted thoughts
Manifest Nothing!
And negative doubts
Kill it straight off!!

do leave the "HOWS" and the "WHENS"
to the Universe
It knows more ways than you do
About getting things manifested!!

do be prepared to take action
if required to do so what you ask for
may come as a total gift or it
could come as an opportunity
requiring some effort
so be prepared!!


Here are some excerpts to the outline of the ebook...

"Your super conscious mind function best with an attitude of calm, confident, expectation to give you tremendous clarity toward your goal setting ... Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques .. drops your Brainwaves to Alpha level ..9-13 cycles per second ..

Mind Power techniques 

"into your daily routine to have the power to tap into your inner knowing and unleash your inner potential subsequently gain focus, strength, confidence, creating to successful goals leading to a beautiful, healthy, joyful life...you be guided to do the RIGHT things or to meet the RIGHT people to bring you the PERFECT solution and the best part you do not need to analyze how to get there...

"Floating in the CALM band.. no worries of past and future and allow your wisdom to guide you... "
"3 penetrating Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques to kills your doubts.."
"Programming Track practiced consistently, shifts your brain waves constantly to the Alpha level, a calmer and more appreciative level.. You are in CHARGE of any creation..

Understanding the Power Of Gratitude - " Acknowledging Receipt stop you from building an EGO. ...EGO kills all creativeness and intuition. .. Quiet reflective peaceful state allows you to tap into your dreams, desires, new ideas, insights, feelings and flashes of inspiration...".
Effective Goals Setting Techniques...

"The 30 days technique allows you to "stroke" your desire. The more you stroke your desire, the more it grow to be consuming, obsessive, pulsating and burning"

PLUS The 2 POWERFUL Simple Mind POWER Tracks .
Track One the CLEANSING CD - fastest, most effortless way to get you mentally "CLEAN UP" plus a powerful internalization and inner purification program. This track gets you to ALPHA state and allow you to get in touch with your senses to find your GIFT.. the 6th Sense/ Intuition/ Gut Feelings. You are building your Temple Of Wisdom whilst listening to this 15 minutes track.

Track Two is SHORT CUT for Affirmations and Visualization techniques. Repetition is MADE EASY here to hasten and expedite your goal setting achievement. All affirmations and visualization are done at the Alpha level and allow your subconscious mind to create the experiences you want without any limitation, fear or doubt. 


Mind power techniques

Now it is TIME to absorb Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques - Your Keys To EXTREME Wealth to expand your Law Of Attraction.

Remember, the Law of Attraction works fast when your mind is subdue to a LASER SHARPEN focus. Fuzzy thoughts do not make GOALS.

Still not sure ..SIGN UP for further Simple Mind POWER  techniques to check out the unusual simple techniques within which you can never find else where !!

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How to think out of the box 


To Develop Super Creative Abilities to Generate Highly Innovative Ideas, Solve the Most Difficult Problems With Ease, and Attain Enormous Success in Life

We promise to never sell or give away your personal information to anyone. 


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All Related to Developing Your Mind Power

 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #1:  Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques - Your Inner Powers($19.97 Value) 

 Developing Mind Power

Combining with Mind POWER techniques - Keys to Law of Attraction, Your Inner Powers towards your positive transformation

Excerpts : -
Creativity Touching hands ... (Page 14)
With your Higher Self Opens new channels of Creativity
Powers long dormant Start to surface
These Powers exist In every one of us
Whether you wish to access Your Power
Or choose to acknowledge it Is entirely Your decision.

Another excerpt.....this is a cleansing visualization the water cleanses you of all negative programming You will feel a stunning and sensational sense of release and surge of powerful energy which will give you the strength to just let go...



 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #2:  Super Learning Tracks  ($31.90 Value) 

Learning Tracks 

2 Super Learning Tracks

To help you to produce positive results through a calm and balanced brains. 

Prolong listening to the tracks will help you to become receptive and act on new ideas. Let your subconscious mind maximize your potential through super learning.



 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #3:  How to use the Power of the Subconscious Mind ($15.60Value) 

 The Power Of Subconscious Mind

Power of Subconscious Mind

~ ideal methods for building a wealth consciousness ~

  • How to walk the royal road to riches 
  • How to attract the money you need 
  • How to make your dream come true 
  • Using the subconscious mind in business
    How to become successful in buying and selling

Massive effort techniques to build your desire with your subconscious mind.

  Outside mirrors the inside. External action follows internal action



 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #4:  MindPower Subliminal Message Software ($19.97 Value) 

 Mind Power Subliminal Software

Program Your Mind And Turn You Into A Super-Motivated Power House!

Instead of repeating phrases all day long, this neat tool helps broadcast messages directly to your subconscious by flashing the powerful messages on your computer screen.  You see, although our conscious mind can only focus on one or two things at a time, our subconscious can take in everything at once.

  Flashing powerful affirmations to your subconscious mind



 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #5:  Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory  ($15.90 Value) 

 Sharpen Your Memory

"How to Easily Remember Names, Faces, Numbers, Events, and Almost Any Information - Using Simple yet Powerful Techniques Even a 12-Year Old Can Apply!"

"No One is Born with a Bad Memory. It Just Needs to Be Sharpened to Improve Its Efficiency"

Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory will teach you practical and creative strategies to refine and sharpen your wonderful memory.

It will reveal to you effective techniques on how to maintain your brain in tip-top condition, how to overcome forgetfulness, and how to easily retain data in your mind for immediate retrieval anytime you desire.

Best of all, many of the methods are simple, practical, and fun to learn!




 Developing Mind PowerSuper BONUS #6:  The Speed Reading Monster Course: Accelerate Your Reading and Learning Abilities to the Extreme! ( $15.90 Value) 

Speed Readling

 "How to Effectively Double Your Reading Speed and Accelerate Your Learning Abilities to the Extreme!"

Speed Reading can benefit anyone. Not only will you be able to learn faster, but you can also impress your friends!

Besides being beneficial and useful, learning such skill is simple and takes only a few techniques to apply.

You should be fast enough to read a part of or the whole reading material to be able to get what you need from it. Thus, you should…

Get Rid of Rereading, Pronouncing Words Aloud, and Other Habits that Reduce Speed When Reading!

Tips and tricks that you need to know in becoming the fastest reader that you can possibly be.


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You are the part of the page looking for answers which you can't seem to find else where. Many have benefited from this eCourse and I want you to be the next one to find the answers within you quickly.

We have gone through great lengths to address every issue - positive and negative ones that you need to empower and eliminate before you can accomplish your BIG DREAMs fast.

All the Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques puts you in Master In Control state where you are able to keep your COMPOSURE, you can CREATE solution and you DARE TO ASK for the solutions you want. Extremely POWERFUL, PROFOUND and PENETRATING.

You break out of current limits and comfort zone to experience excitement beyond your level of expectations.

You can MASTER your mind and your physic for OPTIMUM performance when you can direct your brainwaves pattern to oscillate at the Alpha Band (9-13 cycles per second) and your heart beat at 60 beats per minute. At these count, your focus and your mind is so powerful that any action taken in these moment project remarkable results.

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques  covers complete techniques to simply plant an "I Can Mindset!" in you . Nothing important is left out!

Simple Mind POWER Secret techniques  does not stop anywhere, it is a continuous exercise that keep nurturing your mind set from now onwards.

Still Not Sure This eBook is Right for You?

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Still not sure it is possible to gain creative, power and confident from a book? Well, it is! And I’m willing to give you 60 days to find out for yourself. If you feel you did not learn much from these techniques by reading this ebook, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your entire purchase price!

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Here are four more reasons why you should buy this ebook and tap into this hidden treasury today:

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    Simple Mind POWER techniques offers all the best clear cut instructions for the"WINNERS's Mind set" and your Power Of Choice techniques in an easy-to-follow format. All comes with instant transformation results.
  2. The information is not overwhelming.
    In Simple Mind POWER techniques  the instructions are presented in a clear, easy-to-follow manner that makes learning the proven techniques simple, easy to pickup, fun and exciting.
  3. You don't have to spend a lot of money.
    Many books out there cost an arm and a leg and then they only deliver part of the information you need. Plus, they usually want you to buy all these supplies from companies they have promotional agreements with that you don’t really need. Not so with Simple Mind POWER techniques The price and content of this ebook simply can’t be beat.
  4. Simple Mind POWER techniques  is comprehensive.
    This ebook extensively covers the techniques of internalization and inner purification. You will ONLY notice and can count your abundance the second you have the power to RELEASE / DETACH / LET GO. After which you will be CREATING and ATTRACTING what you solely deserve.


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Simple Mind POWER techniques  are jam packed with proven, practical techniques to carve PROSPERITY, HEALTH, LOVE, JOY, SUCCESS, MONEY, PEACE AND INNER PEACE! in you.


Ask yourself this question:

Wouldn’t it be great to have the GIFT to consistently stay at the CALM band without worrying about the future, letting go of the past and having the Power Of Now to create a future you desire by creative thoughts and let actions its course for your creation?

"Man are not prisoners of fate, they're prisoners of their own minds" ~ Franklin Roosevelt

Well, now it is possible - learn WHY and HOW with the Simple Mind POWER techniques  ebook!

To your very success in attracting the most splendid moments and possessions
 Simple Mind POWER techniques

K Amber

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P.S. #3  Better health as NOW you strive on with lesser worries and lesser doubts. You know you will be able to manifest the PERFECT solution just by thought. You will get to sleep better as most of the time your brain waves are oscillating in the ALPHA mode.

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P.S. #5      Remember, for effective self motivation there must be a momentum maintenance to continuously nurture the serving energy and eliminate undeserving ones. Simple Mind POWER techniques  provide the set of tools to cut both ways to point and keep you persistently and consistently staying at your PEAK.

P.S. #6      Let Simple Mind POWER techniques  take you on this journey of glorious adventure to find that success and real happiness which are truly ours for the taking.