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How to talk to your subconscious Mind

Simple Exercise to Unify Your Mind

There’s a very simple mental exercise that can help you accomplish how to talk to your subconscious mind. It takes only a few minutes, so I suggest that you repeat it every month of so. Sit down and make a written list of the things you desire most. Don’t reason as to what you

How to talk to your subconscious Mind
How to talk to your subconscious Mind

ought to want. Instead, jot down your desires quickly, including everything that comes to mind.

Now examine your list carefully and ask yourself what rewards each of your stated desires must bring you. The rewards aretrans How to talk to your subconscious Mind what you’re really after, so write them down also. For example, if you wrote, “I desire a better job,” what you really want are the rewards of a better job. Maybe you want the fulfillment that comes from putting to good use special talents and training you have. Perhaps you want a bigger paycheck and the feeling of security that comes with that. Or maybe you want the pleasure of working in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The rewards you want should always be expressed in terms of feelings. Feelings, both bitter and sweet, are the fruits of your lifetime experience. They are the prize. When you depart this world,you leave behind your material treasures. But your feelings remain with you always. So choose with care those which you wish to have as lasting companions.

Now review your list of desires and the rewards you wish to achieve. Read it top to bottom, and as you do, search for just two or three words or phrases to summarize everything. This may seem impossible at first. But once you look closely, you’ll see groups of seemingly different desires and rewards all aimed to a common goal. Separate your desires into two or three such groups and find a word or phrase to capsulize each one. To use a simple example, if you desire a better house, an expensive automobile, and a new wardrobe, the fundamental goal behind all three is abundance or prosperity.

Create a Short, Simple Command For Your subconscious mind

By now you should have a clear picture of your fundamental goals, so put them all together and state them in a brief command. Make the command positive, short, and to the point. For example, “I demand happiness, power, and prosperity right now.” And there you have it. When your command is spoken aloud, it becomes a mantram, or plainly stated, a device you can use to stimulate your subconscious mind into action.”

The word power is a good one, because it will help bring about health, strength, and vitality in your physical body. And on a mental level, it will empower you to become master of your own destiny. “Right now” at the end of your command tells your subconscious mind when you want things to happen: NOW. It tells your subconscious mind to get busy immediately manifesting your desires


Most of the time our conscious mind comes in cause a disbelief and tells us it silly and impossible to achieve such a dream.  Now what happens ? Do we give up or continue to act silly?

Well most achievers act silly.  They always live beyond the norm and limitations.  The trick is easy, just shut out your conscious brain and let your subconscious mind goes to work.

It tells and powers you that nothing is impossible.  Keep forming the thought consistently and do not waver and you can find some dreams turn into reality within 30 days or shorter..

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