Measurable answers to keep your uncertainty away...
1) Can I ‘feel good’ using Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques?

Of course, 'feeling good' is when you can stay still at your own energy level. You will stay calm and composed even facing with negative influence of other people. You are not being influenced by the environment factors such as political and economic challenges. Deep within you, you know you are in the RIGHT space and your confidence, awareness are strong to take whatever action in turn of events. 
2) How can Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques improve my relationship?

Your thoughts are your actions. Your attitude tunes into a harmonious zone.  At Alpha level, there will be no stress, anger and anxiety.  Your  loving peaceful nature which attracts friends around you as you become more approachable.

3) You said that Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques are Instant Stress Relief Techniques? In what way?

Yes indeed so. We are living in a community and lived in the limitations of rules of society. Comments and judgments are stressful and their effects can spiral in many negative ways unless we are able to live above their judgement and criticism. Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques have the Detach / Let Go / Release techniques to get your mind out of negative influence people and area beyond your control to gain back your self confidence and control.
4) Why Creative Imagination requires our 6th sense?

Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques put a lot of emphasis on your Gut Feelings. With your sharpened gut feelings, you become a powerful receiving set of flashes of "hunches, ideas, inspiration and plans". This will communicate with you effortlessly and without demand. You have attained the gift of Infinite Intelligence to produce miracles in your life.
5) How do I get rid of my fear?

INDECISION crystallizes into DOUBT, and both blend into FEAR. As you work consistently with Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques that you put in the self control mode, enthusiasm and self reliance. This will banish your fear, as you can measure your rate of success to reinforce your faith and belief.
6) What am I suppose to do or feel to achieve my goals?

Goals are not wishes nor intent. It must form a major purpose of your life. This is when you have inbuilt your passion, desire, confidence, faith and believe. Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques uses its 30 days BIG PICTURE technique to reinforce these feelings into you. If you cannot do this technique for the next 30 days, it means that your goal does not harmonize with you. That is why most of our goals failed.
7) Why should I clear my Inner core?

A man’s mind is liken to a garden. Through years, we have gather weeds by unintentional subconscious programming of our friends, our parents and our environment. Just like a gardener, you have to cultivate your garden clean of weeds of impure thoughts and only then it will allow you to become the director of your soul.  Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques provide an internalization program to consistently cultivate your garden to create harmony with your inner being.

Only after these transformations, you can then reveal with yourself, you are the shaper of your destiny with creative power. You find you have the power to alter circumstances with your mental thoughts.
8) How can Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques improve my health?

Change of diet will not help you change your thoughts. Strong and happy thoughts builds up the body and vigor. Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques help you cut out envy, cynicism, suspicion that confines you to a hole. It helps you to have clean thoughts and clean habits to create you into a happy,  joyful channel of life.
9) Can Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques helps in anti aging?

Definitely. Anti aging is most apparent when you are always calm, smiling and stress free. Using Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques cleansing track daily will put you in the light and carefree mode constantly. You will definitely feel younger physically and mentally.
10) I have trouble sleeping. Every time I close my eyes, there are so much of chasing thoughts of worries and unsettled events. How can I still my mind??

Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques audio track comes with a guided relaxation count down method plus some deep breathing exercise to relax you. All you need to do is to plug this track to your ears as often as possible to clear the unserving energy in you.  With a week of listening to the track,  you will find your mind emptied out. 
11) Is it possible to achieve intimacy with these techniques?

Why not! You will be polishing your 5 senses every day. With your sharpened 5 senses, it makes you very sensitive to the things you touch, you see, you feel, you taste and you listen. It makes you become sensitive of your love one feelings. You will just know what to say and do to clear the confusion or anxiety.  Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques are great mind power generator.
12) What do you mean "You see things above your level of expectation!"?

Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques unleashes your potential and makes you "THINK OUT OF THE BOX". You have the power to shut your Left Brain and bring out your Creative Brain to look at things in a bigger view and to do things beyond your level at an effortless and pleasurable level.
13) How can Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques help me to attract wealth?

Some friends have striked lotto out this exercise. She did the programing track consistently and persistently for the very same END result. She took action without analyzing and wait for the Universe to bring her the results. Indeed it did come. These are the eminent keys to the Law Of Attraction. 

You can attract the income you want by harmonizing with the END results and simply let your subsconscious mind help you to take action to turn your DREAMS  into reality.
14) Can Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques measure achievements and success to determine it does really work?

Simple Mind POWER Secret Techniques - Journaling technique helps you count your small success to built confidence in yourself and the Creator.. 

Self-control is strength;
Right Thought is mastery;
Calmness is power.
Say unto your heart, "Peace, be still!"

~ James Allen (As A Man Thinketh)~